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Pointers to Note on Social Wellness.

In a technologically dynamic world, social wellness has largely been misconstrued. The internet has almost made it seem like we no longer have to meet up to have a social life.Although technology is a beautiful thing in human relations today, social wellness is mostly based on physical formation of relations and their subsequent sustainment.It mostly constitutes of one’s ability to make sustainable relationships. To be able to care for others and form emotional connections that don’t always put you at the center.

We could be wondering how one can be able to achieve a balanced physical, social and emotional well-being in these microwave times.Family and work seem to take most of our personal time too.This has left us with little room to worry about our own health while it’s the most important thing that keep everything together.

In this generation, there is a craze to keep fit and slow down the aging clock. Most people are watching what they eat, how many calories are lost at the end of the day and how many inches are coming off. I am sure most of these people started off wanting to just lose a few pounds but later on they figured out how much it had improved their social well-being too.

A good example of how many people have achieved their social wellness is through social clubs.Most of them are formed by people with the same ideas, beliefs, goals and expectations in life. Eventually, these clubs better the mental health of its members other than aiding in the development of social relationships.Some people find peace in baking clubs, spin classes, dance clubs, chess clubs or art and crafts.It is almost impossible to not find something that suits you, and if you don’t, be the first to create your own serene social place.

In the medical world, it is safe to say that lack of wellness is the presence of illness.Causing an imbalance in your social wellness could eventually lead you to a hospital! Human interactions have an amazing effect to the brain.The brain is usually excited by a hormone called dopamine whenever you indulge in something you like.This is almost the same way one gets into an addiction.However, it wouldn’t it be better to be addicted to something that brought out a positive reaction that would benefit both you and the society? For example, you could find peace at a knitting club making sweaters for the homeless.Or taking your workouts to the next level and attaining that medal for the team.

That’s the balance social wellness brings to the society.You can not only be in charge of your own well-being but of those around you too.

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