Guidlelines to Cooking and Eating Lobster

Seafood is very popular among people worldwide. Lobster, in particular, is loved by many people. There are different ways of preparing this delicious food. However, many people are overwhelmed making it at home and decide to go to restaurants instead. This is because the lobsters are kept alive until they are ready to be cooked. Fortunately, there are many online sites that give handling guidelines and provide many different recipes for cooking lobster. Lobster Pool Restaurant is a great online blog that provides readers with all the tools they need to make the perfect lobster dish.

Different Ways To Cook Lobster

Boiling is probably the most common way of preparing lobster. As always, start off with live lobsters. A very big pot of salted and boiling water is the key to getting the lobsters done to perfection. Once the water boils, add the live lobsters head first. It is also important not to crowd the lobsters in the pot. This ensures that heat circulates around the lobsters to cook them to perfection. Steaming lobsters is another popular method. This requires 2-3 inches of water in a large pot. Once the water boils, put the lobsters in the large pot and cover the pot with the lid. This will create the steam needed to cook the lobster meat.

Cracking Lobster Shells Take Some Work And Proper Tools

Cracking the lobster shells is a bit of work, but getting to the lobster meat is definitely worth it. First, it is important to have the proper tools on hand. Each person will need seafood scissors, seafood crackers, picks, napkins, seafood bibs and empty bowls to put the shells in. Start off by twisting off the claws. Use a cracker to open up the knuckles and claws and use a tiny fork to remove the meat inside. Next, remove the legs and gills from the body. You can suck the juice and meat found in the legs. Finally, separate the meat from the tail. This is a big portion of the meat, so enjoy.

Eating lobster is rather messy. It is best eaten outdoors and make sure to wear the lobster bib. There is water found in the lobsters because of the cooking method. When the bodies are being cracked, water may splatter, the bib will protect clothing from the lobster water.