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What You Should Know About Ric Flair and His Products

One of the most famous quotations attributed to Ric Flair is that to be the man, you have to beat the man. Ric Fair is one of the most known professional wrestlers. “The Nature Boy,” as popularly known, the sixteen times World Champion is equally loved and loathed in equal measure. He is a great legend and left an exceptional legacy in professional wrestling.

This professional wrestler was created on February 25, 1949 in the town of Memphis in the state of Tennessee. He was employed as a lifeguard at neighborhood pools and a bouncer in the local bars before becoming a professional wrestler.

A lot of the wrestling fans remember Ric Flair for his golden blond hair which was bleached and for his handsome-looking figure and slick style of wrestling. He used to draw lots of attention due to his endurance in the ring and charming character that have been trademarks of his wrestling career.

He had a setback in his career when at the age of Twenty-five he had a life-threatening airplane crash in North Carolina. He broke his back at three places, and it seemed as if he would never wrestle again. But, his sheer determination and rigorous physical therapies saw him return to the ring in less than a year. He had to modify his own wrestling technique to some more slick style which a lot of fans know him for today.

In the years that followed, he turned into a significant attraction for the NWA and won several NWA world championships as he beat several major stars. It was during this season he started embracing the nature boy’s role that tons of wrestling fans know him. He commenced donning blonde hair, suits which were expensive, elegant jewelry and unexpected custom made robes while winning the competitions using this signature chops.

A significant disagreement between Ric Flair and the WCW president made him join WCW’s most important rival, WWE. He won the Royal Rumble upon his arrival thus making an immediate impact. He then returned to WCW without a lot of fuss and reclaimed the top spot when he won the title in 1993.

Ric flair not only excelled in wrestling but also started a brand for his name for selling fashion clothes, jewelry, bottle sleeves and more because of his fans. If you’re his massive fan and desire to buy a product with his signature quotations; you can visit the Ric Flair Official site at which you can acquire such products and much more. The website has the Ric Fair shop where you can get T-shirts, leggings, bottle sleeves and more at affordable prices. There’s the extra advantage of having a telephone call from Ric Flair himself should you purchase a product from his official site.

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