5 Tips for Getting Insurance as Food Entrepreneurs

Food entrepreneurs know that in the twinkle of an eye things can get messy, hence the need to get their business insured. This messiness may be caused by manmade or natural disasters.

However, getting insurance would still need to be thoroughly thought about. Users on reviews sites such as UK.collected.reviews have shared tips on how to go about this. From assessing business insurance companies to premiums and claims, these are some tips you should be looking at.

1.             Comparing insurance companies:

Comparing firms should be your first stop before getting any policy at all. Through comparisons, you would be able to dissect the right insurance company from the wrong ones. Fortunately, there are online sites that can help with this. Most review websites do price and product comparison of different firms.

2.             Discounts and services:

Who doesn’t love to buy a policy when it is cheap? Obviously not us, and we doubt it’s what you would do. Certain policies come with great discounts. You should be on the lookout for such insurance. Also, new insurance firms often try to bring the price of a policy down to persuade customers. Aside from discounts, you should be looking at services likewise. The better the services, the more patronising the company.

3.             Using an agent when buying:

Truth is, terms that surround insurance policy can be ambiguous. This is the reason you should be using an agent for your service especially if you are new to it. An agent will direct you to what insurance to get for your food business and what not. He will inform you about the implications of a certain insurance policy and the thrills of it should you get into it. And what more? Agents can be hired at little fees even while their services have proven to be essential to new businesses.

4.             Be transparent with your details:

Never lie to an insurance company while getting your insurance or trying to get through it. Such lies always are counter-effective in the sense that when claims are up and the details do not match, you pay so heavily for them. Most insurance companies give forms to clients to fill in their details. You should never misrepresent facts in these forms. You should always be transparent and honest about your dealings in every situation you’re prompted.

5.             Coverage is not automatic:

When you add a new product to your business, say a new car or tool, the coverage existing on the previous won’t be transferred to the new ones unless you inform your insurers. Updating them is essential in this regard if you want your coverage to likewise be updated. Check with them for the notification of your contract and try to reevaluate your coverage to match both your new and existing properties.


As a food entrepreneur, there is so much to know and learn about insurance policies. Do not jump into deciding whereas you can wait and learn or let agents get the job done … Read More..

How to Make Your Food Products to be Known by the Consumers

Introducing the product is a fairly difficult process that must be done during pioneering business. For well-known large companies, product branding is a very easy thing to do. Conversely, for small businesses, product branding is very difficult. Especially if the product you choose has a large number of competitors, the branding process is increasingly difficult. Although this is difficult, it does not mean that branding cannot be done. Here are some ways that you can take to process the product branding so that it can be known, desired and needed by consumers.


Product Quality

From a consumer’s point of view, products made by well-known companies are certainly more feasible to choose than products made by small companies. This can be seen in the enormous purchasing power of consumers towards one of the major brands of mineral water, while very few choose mineral water with other brands. It is important to ensure the quality of the product you have is the same as the quality of the product made by your competitors.

The best product quality can be a very strong branding method. It is undeniable that product quality will determine the level of customer satisfaction. So, if you don’t have a quality product, don’t expect to be able to do the maximum branding process. The best product quality will be a plus for your product compared to other products made by competitors.


Attractive and Unique Packaging


In addition to the best product quality, making attractive and unique packaging can also help your products to be known by consumers. For consumers, there is no place to ascertain whether the product you have is on high quality or not. The first thing that always attracts consumers is the attractive and unique packaging design. An attractive packaging design and able to protect the product well will increase consumer interest. You must be wandering how you can handle this one, right? And so, there are some food packaging designers and branding agency that can help you to do it for you. Simple and easy as it is.

When shopping consumers don’t have the time to assess the quality of the product other than the details of the information you provide on the packaging. So that attractive and unique packaging will make consumers immediately interested and interested in choosing your product. Furthermore, from this attractive packaging, consumers will read the details of the product information on the packaging so that it is interesting to buy your product.


Take Part in Some Exhibitions

Another method that is quite effective as branding is to take part in various exhibitions. Of course, the exhibition that you follow must match your product identity. For example, the product you sell is food, you can attend cultural exhibitions to the culinary exhibition of the archipelago which provides a special spot for food stands. The presence of a stand is very important to introduce your product during an exhibition or festival.… Read More..

The Best Bars Go Vintage and Retro

It’s a great feeling enjoying a drink in a vibrant bar that hasn’t been near generic design! On the contrary, thoughtful design is not just easy on the eye but can encourage customers to become regular patrons. As well as other fixtures, good glassware is an integral element in running a successful bar – and the trend for vintage goods and retro chic gives plenty of opportunities to create a unique brand. Industry professionals like Dawnvale can advise on these important design aspects, bringing a wealth of insight and experience to making any bar a place where people enjoy socialising. Read on for some tips about how to find retro pieces as well as beautiful vintage glassware.

Flea markets and car boot sales

There’s no need to be put off by the idea of seeking out bargains – after all, quality is timeless. Check out the web for specialist retro and vintage sales to avoid a junk expedition. Some of the best sources of quality glassware are these kinds of events, with a range of glassware available. From champagne to high ball, margarita to cocktail, wine to shots and every bar glass in between, vintage and retro boot sales can prove fruitful. They’re also great for quirky retro bits and bobs, including furnishings.


The online shop store is a hotbed for unique items. If fleas and boots aren’t your preference, check out Etsy’s vintage and retro categories. Glassware and retro pieces are available across myriad seller stores, many at reasonable prices. The beauty of this option is they are rarely mass produced so you’re getting something that’s often original. There are stacks of choice so you should find something that catches your eye.


Similarly to Etsy, there’s no shortage of choice, with a retro bar category to explore for vintage goodies. They supply an abundance of glassware and quirky pieces, including furniture, cocktail shakers and decanters. However, be mindful whether it’s authentic vintage glassware and retro junk – if you want a cocktail shaker from the ’50s, check the provenance in case it was made in 1990! Also, if buying in bulk, factor in delivery costs too.

Antique sales

There are lots of online sites for you to browse, as well as good old-fashioned shops. If you are interested in provenance and are seeking the real deal in vintage/retro, antique outlets are perfect. Naturally, you might not want an 18th-century champagne flute being crammed into the dishwasher, but they do offer eye-catching ornamental design. Not everything you’re looking for will be for utility, so if decorative flair is what you need, you should get lots of ideas through antique foraging. Quirky items as features on your bar can make the difference between being just like everyone else and something that bit special. Customers notice these things, catching their interest and making your bar memorable. In other words, coming back for more!Read More..