Surprise Your Guests With a New Coffee Blend

If you are one of the hospitable people who always have tea and biscuits ready for unexpected guests, you may sometimes wonder: how can you surprise and pamper your friends who come to you every week? In a case when you and your friends are big coffee lovers, we suggest you try to arrange a whole treat ceremony with a new coffee blend.

You can order green coffee in advance from one of your local shops. Since these are unroasted coffee beans, they retain their freshness and aroma longer, which means you can stock them up for a long period of time. In addition to that, green coffee beans can also be delivered from farms that do not do the coffee roasting, and that means:

  1. The price of such beans will be lower,
  2. And  you will have a greater chance of tasting a drink that cannot be acquired in your usual coffee spot at the market.

You can see the countries where green coffee beans are shipped from on

We mentioned countries for a reason: depending on the soil and growing conditions, the taste of coffee can differ in the smallest shades and tones. For example, if you look for strong coffee with nutty flavor, then you should ask is there is a coffee imported from Vietnam, while coffee grown in Colombia or El Salvador has a pronounced acidity in it flavor. It is worth deciding in advance on the taste; then you will have to wait for your ordered coffee beans, and then you can start preparing homemade coffee.

There is nothing difficult in roasting coffee: preheat your roaster or oven to 204°C, spread the coffee beans to give them a little space, as they will need it later, and let them stay there for at least five minutes. The longer you roast them after those five minutes, the stronger the coffee will be, so keep an eye on the beans aroma and color. At the desired degree of roasting, remove the beans from the oven, cool on a separate baking sheet and put them in an airtight jar that does not let in light. After 24 hours which you should give coffee to rest, it will finally reveal their aroma and taste in fullest. But it is better to wait even more, up to 48 hours.

Now you can put your home-roasted coffee to the coffee grinder, and freshly ground and freshly brewed coffee will serve as an excellent tool for your friendly gatherings.