Unique Gift Ideas for the Woman Who Has Everything

Your girlfriend’s birthday is approaching and you have no idea what to get her, so what do you do? Instead of throwing up your hands and giving her a thoughtless gift such as exercise gear or something re-gifted, take some time to come up with a present that’s sentimental and unexpected. Shopping for a girlfriend or spouse who already has everything she wants can be a challenge, but with a little forethought you can come up with an idea that will make her day. Here are several unique gift ideas your girlfriend will love. 

An Experience

The girl in your life may already have everything she wants in terms of possessions, but you can’t go wrong by giving her the experience of a lifetime. If she’s the adventurous type, buy her a skydiving session or take her on a heli-skiing trip. Your gift will be remembered for years after it’s given. 

A Cookie Bouquet

Flowers are highly overrated, and many women think they are cliche. Plus, they are a cop-out gift for guys who don’t want to put any thought into a nice present. Instead of gifting flowers, surprise your girl with a delicious and beautiful cookie bouquet atlanta (and don’t make her share with you). 


Does your girlfriend constantly drop hints about wanting to learn how to paint or surf? If you know she’s interested in learning how to do something, you already have the perfect gift idea at your fingertips: classes.  Learning a new skill is a great way to keep your mind sharp and make life more enjoyable in general. It can also be a very effective confidence-booster. 

Sentimental Jewelry

Jewelry becomes much more precious when it has a deeper meaning. Ideas for sentimental jewelry include a bracelet with charms of some of her favorite things or a necklace with a message engraved on the back. 

Giving gifts your girlfriend will appreciate is easier than you think. Try one or more of these suggestions to make her birthday or another upcoming occasion extra special. … Read More..